HEAR Anti-bullying Workshops and SWPBIS: Supporting Positive Behavior in Schools

The time that school professionals spend teaching children is valuable. So many work every day to promote positive academic and social-emotional outcomes for all children. In return, they anticipate that children are motivated to fully engage in every opportunity to learn and grow while they happily continue to follow their dreams of shaping the future of children.

*Cue the scratching record sound.* What? Not all children are learning and growing to their potential? And problem behaviors in schools, such as bullying, are disrupting the intention of school professionals to provide a safe learning environment for children? What about the positive academic and social-emotional outcomes that we envision for all children? In a recent HEAR blog post, Learning with the Burdens of Bullying, we pointed out how, “Bullying creates an unwelcome atmosphere where students may develop low self-esteem and feel afraid, depressed, lonely, shame, anxious, worried and unmotivated with a negative view of school, so of course, bullying may lead to missed opportunities to learn (and thus, low achievement).” For that reason, a substantial number of K-12 schools across the country are taking back valuable teaching and learning time by implementing School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS; Bradshaw, Mitchell, & Leaf, 2010). HEAR – Helping Everyone Achieve Respect – is a tool that can help with this approach.

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