N-Lighten™ Curriculum

Dr. Susan Swearer's Empowerment Initiative has partnered with the nationwide network of more than 100 Paul Mitchell cosmetology schools to form N-Lighten, a program that will develop a self-empowerment and anti-bullying curriculum focused on prevention and intervention.

The N-Lighten curriculum will combine evidence-based approaches derived from Swearer's and others' research with messages taken from "Be Nice (Or Else!)," a book authored by Winn Claybaugh, dean and co-founder of the Paul Mitchell Schools.

Once the curriculum is developed, Paul Mitchell School owners and instructors will attend N-Lighten training workshops at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln or take a parallel distance education course. These leaders will then disseminate this curriculum to the network of Paul Mitchell Schools, which collectively enrolls more than 16,000 cosmetology students.

The program will also distribute its training curriculum to public high schools across the United States, offering service-learning opportunities to potentially hundreds of thousands of high school students.

"I love the Paul Mitchell School model of philanthropy and giving back to the local community," said Swearer, who's co-writing the N-Lighten curriculum with a team from NET.

"Every parent wants the absolute best for his or her children," Claybaugh added. "When prospective students step into a Paul Mitchell School, their parents are entrusting us with the safety and security of their son or daughter. We take that responsibility very seriously. Our partnership with Susan Swearer, who has spent her professional career studying these behaviors, puts the world on notice that Paul Mitchell Schools are committed to not just teaching the skills of cosmetology but also the skills of life, leadership, and happiness."

UNL researchers will also study the N-Lighten curriculum's impact on students' self-concept, self-esteem, and problem behaviors such as bullying, substance abuse and risky behavior.

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