Born Brave Experiences Research Study

Born Brave Experiences

The Born Brave Experiences (BBE) research project is a mixed-methods line of inquiry designed to help understand the factors that support youth empowerment, youth engagement, and to develop effective youth empowerment interventions that will be disseminated through unique outlets (i.e., web-based communities; in-person activations). The objectives of this line of research are to determine the factors that influence youth engagement and to evaluate the impact of participating in four experiences: (1) The Born Brave Bus; (2) Lady Gaga concert events; (3) The Born Brave Nations; and (4) the Born This Way Foundation website (i.e., “Share your story”). We are particularly interested in the factors that youth need to be positively engaged and how empowerment and engagement are sustained over time, ultimately creating a kinder and braver world.

Data for versions 1.0 and 2.0 were collected in 2013 and 2014 in tandem with the Born Brave Ball and the ARTPOP tour, Lady Gaga’s concert tours. Participants completed online surveys that were accessed through the Foundation’s website. Version 1.0 Surveys were completed by over 3,000 participants and 31 qualitative interviews were conducted in Los Angeles, CA, Lincoln, NE, Kansas City, KS, and New York, NY. Version 2.0 Surveys were completed by over 4,000 participants. Results from the quantitative and qualitative data were used to create the Kinder Braver Scale that is currently being piloted in Year 3 of the Born Brave Experiences Research Study.

2014 Presentations from the Born Brave Experiences Research Study include:

2016 Presentations from the Born Brave Experiences Research Study include:

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Susan Swearer (Professor, School Psychology); Dr. Meredith Martin (Assistant Professor, Cognition, Learning, and Development); Dr. Elliot Tebbe (Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology); Dr. Michelle Howell Smith (Research Assistant Professor, CYFS); Zach Myers (Doctoral Student, School Psychology); Sara Gonzalez (Doctoral Student, School Psychology); Raul Palacios (Doctoral Student, School Psychology).