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University of Nebraska Affiliated Links

Bullying Research Network
College of Education and Human Services
Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families, and Schools
University of Nebraska


Born this Way Foundation
Paul Mitchell
Project Hear

Legislation, Statistics, and Research on Bullying

Children and the Law Blog
Media Violence and Youth Resources Youth Violence Project

Cyber Safety Information

A Thine Line
Connect Safely
Cyberbullying Toolkit
Digital Citizens
Digital Media Literacy and Bullying
Generation Safe
National Crime Prevention Council
Net Family News
Understanding Cyberbullying in College

Bullying and Substance Abuse

drugrehab.com Bullying and Substance Abuse: Who It Affects and Why

Resources for:


Bullying Support
Online Bully Support Group
Pacer Kids
Pacer Teens
PBS Kids


Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network
It Gets Better
Mental Health America
The Trevor Project


Empowering Parents
Making Caring Common
Stop Bullying Now

General Resources

Bravery Tips
Bullying No Way Pacer
Prevention Network
Stomp Out Bullying
The Bully Project The NED Show

Mobile Apps

Back Off Bullies (Android):

This fun adventure game challenges users to avoid “bullies” and collect anti-cyberbullying tips as they navigate through unique and fun levels.

Brighten (Apple):

An App Combats Bullying, One Anonymous Compliment at a Time
Visit Site

Bully Block by Spy Parent LLC (Android):

This anti-bullying app allows user to block texts and calls from designated phone numbers while still keeping a record of the messages and calls. Also included is an audio recording program that uses that phones microphone to record even when the app is closed.

Bully Prevention by Rob Milliken (Android):

A great and easy-to-use resource for students to utilize when faced with bullying situations. The app provides an easy navigation menu that provides tips and suggestions for students when encountering potential bullying problems.

Bully Stop by vMAD (Android):

Similar to Bully Block, this app allows users to add phone numbers to a “block” list. Once on the list, the app will block incoming calls and messages and will keep a record of any attempts by those numbers.

Happify by Happify, Inc. (Android)

This app provides users access to activities and games that are designed to help the user overcome negative thoughts and feel happier.

Kindr: (Apple):

A social media site dedicated to networks of friends who wish to build up and inspire each other. Visit Site

KnowBullying by SAMSHA (Apple):

App that gives conversation starters to parents to help talk to their kids about bullying. Let’s parents customize conversation starters based on child’s age and set up reminders if desired. Also gives many resources to parents who want more information.

SPRIGEO (Apple):

Easy to use portal for children and teens to anonymously report bullying through their phone and goes directly to school principal. Very child friendly.

Stop Bashing! By Medicis web anne-sophie bordry (Android):

This app allows a clear and easy way for parents to help support and educate their children about bullying. Kids can send photos or screen shots of situations that could be bullying, and parents can provide feedback with a simple and easy to understand symbol.