Request to Make Your Site Public


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Notes for going public with the same URL (address) migrated from other servers:

  • For aliased sites, while on the UNL campus the change generally takes nearly immediately, it takes approximately 48 hours for all of the world's DNS servers to catch up with that change or addition. It is not a geographic factor, rather a frequency of server updates as scheduled by the many DNS server administrators.
  • When your site begins to serve from UNLcms, be aware some people may tell you that they still see the old pages. That is because they visited this site recently and those pages are stored in their browser's cache. If they click on refresh or reload, that should send their browser to your server to pick up the latest updates. If that fails, they may need to delete their browser's cache. Regardless, after their browser's cache file expires (number of days set by their browser), it will go to the server to pick up the new pages. A key point is that this is on their machine and there is nothing you can do about that.