Support Options

Web Developer Network Web Chat

The Web Developer Network and the Internet and Interactive Media group use HipChat to host always-on discussions and are available for quick help.

Email Support

Email the Computer Help Center ( with the subject "UNLCMS and Web Support".

UNLcms Introductory Training

An introductory class is offered once a month. Find it on under Technology->Web Design->UNLcms Essentials.

Your Department's Web Developer

Many colleges and departments on campus have their own web developer who can provide basic assistance and get you started. There hasn't been a list compiled, but feel free to ask about who that might be in the Web Developer Network Web Chat.

Additional Development

A new UNLcms website provides a baseline starting point. If you're interested in building a more complex site and you don't have a web developer available in your unit, contact Internet & Interactive Media.

Password Issue?

For issues with your login password, try the Forgot your password? tool or contact the Computer Help Center directly at 402-472-3970.